Gypsy Kitchen
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About Us

Meals will be prepared on-site and will be freshly cooked and served straight from our industrial equipment. To be able to do this efficiently, we have the following fittings in our truck:

  • Industrial size cool-room and separate freezer
  • Fresh running hot and cold water supply
  • Stainless steel work benches and storage areas
  • High temperature dishwashing facilities
  • Outdoor tables for service
  • Industrial gas stove tops and industrial ovens
  • Sealed floors and fittings to allow for sterilisation processes

What this means for you: Our food is kept in cold storage until preparation. The strictest hygiene standards are enforced in our business and we take pride in the quality of our product. Our products are fresh and 'we cook with love'.

Gypsy Kitchen

How many people can the Gypsy Kitchen cater for?
Gypsy Kitchen can cater for a minimum of 30 people, up to 200 people at one sitting. We offer buffet style or boxed meals if required.
How hygienic is outdoor food service?
Gypsy Kitchen serves food that is protected from contamination, delivered straight from our kitchen to your service area. Depending on the service style that you have chosen, your meals will be served within minutes of leaving our preparation area. All precautions are taken to ensure hygiene and cleanliness are of the highest standard available.
Covid safe procedures.

If required: 

  • Our caterers have access to masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. 
  • For buffet meals, hand sanitizer is placed at the start of the tables and individual stainless steel tongs can be provided per person to serve their meals. 
  • Individual bio-cutler packs are available (including knife, fork, spoon, salt, pepper and napkin).
  • If boxed meals are required we will individually pack them as required.