Gypsy Kitchen
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Film & TV Catering

We have catered for a range of well known TV series, movie productions and numerous advertising crews. Our reputation is well known for providing a great range of menus to suit budget, weather and crew requirements. We also specialise in catering for dietary requirements.

For your estimation of catering costs, please email or call us with your requests. At the outset, you will be provided with an estimation plus any further incurred costs. These may include:

  • Generator power supply.
  • Prepacked meals served on location.
  • Split crews on more than one location.
  • Extra staff for cast and crew numbers of 100 or more.
  • Sullage and waste disposal. 

Where possible, Gypsy Kitchen has an efficient email notification system for ease of orders and confirmation of numbers for meal sittings. Our aim is to make it easier for your production team and Gypsy Kitchen to have meals supplied fresh and adequately whilst on set.