Gypsy Kitchen
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Our Food


*Fruit juices

*A selection of cereals


*Fresh fruit platter

* Bread / toast and condiments

Eggs: Scrambled/ Fried/ Poached/ Boiled/ Omelette

Eggs Benedict




Grilled tomatoes

Sauteed mushrooms

Baked Beans


Kwit Yaw (Malaysian noodles)

Congee (Chinese rice porridge) and an assortment of garnishes

Selection of Yum Cha

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Pancakes with maple syrup, honey, lemon, sugar, or banana

Fruit muffins (blueberry, apple, etc)

Lunch: Meats
Lunch: Meats

Roast Lamb with rosemary, red wine and garlic

Roast Pork with sage and apples

Roast Pork with a black cherry glaze

Honey and Mustard baked Ham

Chili and Apricot Pork loin steaks

Roast Beef with a crust of English mustard and herbs

Beef and Black beans

Mexican Chili meatballs with Rice


Shepherds Pie

Roast Chicken stuffed with fresh lemon and thyme

Italian style baked Chicken with a crispy tomato and seeded mustard topping

Mango Chili Chicken

Apricot Chicken

Gypsy Fried Crumbed chicken

Schnitzels of chicken or veal

Beer battered Flathead fillets with garlic and lime mayonaise

Fillets of Barramundi with tomato and lime salsa

Whole baked Snapper infused with dill and lemon

Poached Salmon with dill hollandaise

Traditional Paella with Chorizo, Chicken and Seafood

Lunch: Curries
Lunch: Curries

Thai chicken curry

Chicken Tikka

Butter Chicken

Chicken Satay

Singapore Beef Curry

Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb Madras

Vegetable Korma

Red Thai fish curry

Lunch: Casseroles
Lunch: Casseroles

Beef with Star Anise

Beef Stoganoff

Hungarian Goulash

Beef Bourguignon

Lamb and mushroom Pie

Coq au Vin

Lunch: Vegetarian
Lunch: Vegetarian

Zucchini and chili Falafel with minted Yoghurt

Summer Vegetable Pie

Lentil and Eggplant casserole

Melanzana Napolitana

Mixed nut and rosemary roast

Chickpeas with spinach and sweet potatoes

Brown rice and lentils with spinach

Roasted Italian vegetables with pesto, fetta cheese and cashews

Butter beans with roasted capsicum and bok choy with teriyaki sauce

Stuffed roasted vegetables

Stuffed Mushrooms

Crumbed button mushrooms with spicy tomato sauce

Braised Chinese cabbage with shitake mushrooms and tofu

BBQ teriyaki tofu with Chinese greens

Satay tempeh

Gado-gado (Warm Indonesian style salad with peanut sauce)

Roasted mixed vegetables

Lunch: Potatoes
Lunch: Potatoes

Potato wedges

Creamy potato bake

Roast potato, pumpkin and kumera

Mash potato

Homemade potato rosti

Hastle back potatoes

Lunch: Pastas & Noodles
Lunch: Pastas & Noodles

Sicilian Prawns with linguini

Pesto Pasta

Spinach and ricotta Cannelloni

Pasta Putanesca

Zucchini and chili spaghetti

Spaghetti bolognaise

Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta

Chicken, vegetable or beef lasagna

Thai prawn and mango noodles with fresh basil

Singapore noodles

Vegetarian Hokkien noodles

Soba noodles with smoked chicken and mint

Seafood Laksa





Warm potato salad

Home made coleslaw

Prawn salad with mango, chili and cashews

Thai beef salad

Spinach and Blue Cheese salad with egg and roasted tomatoes

Orange and walnut salad

Baby spinach with bacon, Romano cheese and red onion


Banoffi Pie

Chocolate self saucing pudding

Mango and passion fruit cheese cake

Pavlova with raspberries and Mango


Fruit crumbles


Flourless chocolate mud cake with berries

Steamed fruit pudding

Bread and butter pudding

Baked rice pudding with coconut and mango

Mango pudding

Sticky date pudding with butter scotch sauce


Lemon delicious

Crème Caramel

Brulees (Chocolate, vanilla, fruits)

Baked bananas with toffee and cream

Ice cream, cream and custard